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Our team of friendly, highly-skilled hairdressers will create a bespoke style you'll love - and show you how to maintain that post-salon look at home.


FROM $20

When it comes to fringes, there is almost always a fringe to suit every face shape. Put your trust in our hair design team and we will help style and maintain your bangs.


FROM $75

Love your length? Cut out the weight instead. And don't even get us started on split ends. At VHoE, we have your back (sides and front) covered.


FROM $85

Whether you're after a drastic change, or a subtle alteration, we listen to what you want and turn you into the masterpiece you deserve to be.


FROM $95

We bet that cutting your own bangs, or giving yourself that much needed depth in layers was worth it. But if you're after a long-lasting restyle, let's team up and make you a knock out!

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